Who Is This Presbyhippy?

I started this blog in 2010
to track and expand on ideas brought up 
in a Sunday morning book group, 
but it has morphed into my more general religion, theology, pop culture, and social commentary blog. 

I adopted the nickname 
Presbyhippy on Twitter 
around the time of the PCUSA General Assembly in 2014. 
In 2017, I was commissioned 
as a lay pastor in the PCUSA, 
after already serving a rural PCUSA congregation for one year.

In 2020, 
I left that PCUSA congregation abruptly 
after my social media posts and outspoken participation 
in our local #BlackLivesMatter movement 
had angered and upset 
several elders and members of my church.

I have been deconstructing my faith ever since, 
and in late 2021, 
I formally dissolved my association with the PCUSA, 
thus departing from
the creedal high church commitments 
of my ruling elder vows. 

I currently identify as an 
animist pantheist universalist 
and am attending a Unitarian Universalist congregation. 
As a person in 12-step recovery 
from a panoply of addictions, 
I consider myself a perpetual student 
in "spiritual kindergarten," 
my academic training as professional theologian notwithstanding.